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High Speed Doors

High Speed Roller & Shutter Door Installs, UK

High Speed Doors comprise a curtain made from 900gsm  PVC coated nylon fabric primarily designed to prevent the ingress of vermin and airborne particles and the loss of heat through doors being constantly left open. They are designed to open upon approach from a variety of control options and close on their own volition after a timed delay.

We offer a variety of control options, such as floor cut induction loops, overhead movement detectors with variable settings to pick up heavy traffic or just personnel, remote transmitters (fobs or fork truck mounted), or just a simple wall-mounted push pad. Various colours of fabric are available. Vision windows and bespoke logos can also be incorporated onto the curtain.

The standard high speed doors have an anodised aluminium frame (two support legs and a horizontal box cover at high level). This reduction in weight over conventional high speed doors makes for a much easier and quicker install.

Strictly speaking, high speed doors are not designed as personnel doors and, in an ideal world, should not be used as such, but all high speed doors must be fitted with safety devices to prevent not just vehicular impact but also injury to people. This historically takes the form of either one or two horizontal photo cell beams and an electronic safe edge across the bottom edge. This safe edge on a lot of designs can often be the most expensive part of the door, especially if it is subject to vehicular impact. This is due to most doors having their own unique extruded aluminium bottom rail. As an option, we are able to offer our high speed doors without an expensive bottom rail but provide safety by way of a multi light beam curtain up to a height of  2mtrs.

Our standard design is for a single speed 3 phase 415volt motor (single phase is also available ) but a variable speed and soft start soft stop option is also available complete with inverter. All our high speed doors have a manual override facility in the event of a power failure

We offer two designs of high speed door

  1. Fold up ( Speedfold )
  2. Roll up ( Speedroll )

Speedfold ( Fold up )

Average speed  0.9mtrs / second

This door has been designed with wind resistance in mind, instead of the conventional design where the curtain rolls up and around a horizontal barrel, the door curtain comprises a number of lifting straps attached to the barrel at high level and the bottom of the curtain at low level. The straps wrapping around the barrel have the effect of gathering up the curtain. This allows us to incorporate horizontal wind bars within hidden pockets. A roll up curtain cannot roll around a barrel with bulky wind bars built into the fabric.

Speedfold is ideal for larger external openings where wind resistance as a major consideration.

Speedroll ( Roll up )

Average Speed 0.6 mtrs / second

This door is a conventional high speed door where the curtain rolls up and around a horizontal barrel at high level.

The design is ideal for smaller internal doorways where wind resistance is not a consideration. It is the same as the fold up door without the straps and requires less headroom.

The roll up door is ideal for pharmaceutical and food processing applications where hygiene and air control is paramount.

Composition & Manufacture

Steel frame incorporating electrical drive unit and counterbalancing mechanism. Fire retardant Class 2 Polyester fabric covering, hot welded, with transparent UV resistant PVC windows.

Power supply – single or three phase depending on electric drive motor. Electric control panel complies with IEC standards, auxiliary control voltage 24V DC.

Opening/closing speeds – dependant on model but typically 1.0-1.3/0.7-1.0m per second.

Semi-automatic or automatic opening.

Manual override opening device in the event of power failure.


Bespoke manufacture to customer’s specification.

Max. width 9000mm. Max height 6000mm.


Standard galvanised steel frame, panel fabric available in a wide range of colours. Frame can also be supplied in stainless steel or powder coated over galvanised to a colour of your choice.


Full service from advice to site survey, manufacture, delivery and installation.


Sales Department.

“Experienced sales engineers are available to discuss your requirements and carry out a full site survey prior to submitting a competitive quotation for supply only, or supply and installation, utilising our trained installers with full nationwide coverage. Our contract maintenance service will relieve you of the responsibility of maintenance and repair and enhance the life of all the industrial doors on your site.”