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Insulated Sectional Fold Up Door

The Compact Door is constructed to the highest European standards for both quality & safety. The Compact Door is unique in its smooth and quiet operation requiring the minimum level of maintenance.

Each Compact Door is fabricated to suit its application. It is manufactured using a minimum of standard components at competitive prices. The Compact Door fits into every building and every budget. The extra benefits are yours!

The Folding System

The patented folding mechanism uses little energy. Combined with the side tracks a long life-cycle of operation is guaranteed.

The lightweight aluminium sandwich door panels are in a stucco design with integral stainless steel hinges. They are CFC-free and give maximum thermal insulation.

The robust door framework is self-supporting and consists of hardwearing abrasive-free rollers and tracks. Vision panels and wicket doors are possible options. The Compact Door can be supplied with 220V or 380V motors. It is also capable of silent medium speed operation.

Architectural Savings

The Compact Door requires a minimum level of steel supporting construction. Cost savings are great compared to conventional overhead-doors. Because the door is very easy and quick to install, it does not interrupt any building-scheme.

Space Savings

The Compact folding system leaves more space available for warehousing. Unlike a conventional door, light fittings, roof lights, overhead cranes etc., are not obstructed. The Compact Door is quicker and simpler to install than any other door.

Operational Advantages

The unique guiding system minimises the force on the moving parts. There are no counter-balancing springs or weights which may require adjustment or regular maintenance!

Standard Features Of The Compact Door:

  • Motor with standard push buttons for the electrical operated Compact Door.
  • Crank handle for emergeny opening of the door.
  • Aluminium stucco design panels with an optimal level of insulation.
  • Flexible rubber seals (for perfect closing).
  • Polyester coating in 8 different standard colours.
  • Integrated hinges made of stainless steel.
  • Automatic locking system on all doors. This unique and standard safety system prevents undesirable uplift from outside. The door is burglar proof as standard and does not need additional shoot bolts.
  • Fall-safety device which stops the door from falling down when the steel cables breaks.
  • Slack cable tension alert device. This will increase the safety of a running Compact Door. It will stop the engine when any problem occurs with one of the lifting cables.
  • CE-mark and in compliance with the strict European safety guidelines and regulations.

Options / Accessories:

  • Top- or front motor position where space is an issue.
  • Protection shield when the door is installed externally or in a very moist atmosphere.
  • Motor protection shield for extra protection of the electrical components.
  • Manual chain over-ride for emergency opening
  • Wicket door in the door blade.
  • Pass door fitting next to the Compact Door.
  • Powder-coated rails and folding plates in a RAL colour of your choice. Used for extra protection or simply for aesthetic purposes.
  • Powder-coated hardware parts in RAL 9006.
  • Glazing with windows or full-vision panels of your choice.
  • Ventilation gratings of your choice.
  • Storm-package.
  • A safety edge for user comfort and safety on electrically operated doors.

Extra Controls & Possibilities:

  • Hand-held remote control
  • Lift-truck remote control
  • Push buttons
  • Radar
  • Key switch
  • Pull switch
  • Photocel
  • Automatic time closure
  • Loading dock safety
  • Warning flash lamp