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Security Grilles

Retractable security grilles have for some time been acknowledged as an effective deterrent against unwanted intruders.

When fitted to windows and doors, their open lattice work lets in light and allows external views. Crossguard® security grilles are usually fitted internally to act as a barrier against attack. Any potential intruder will need to break a window, before attempting to force the grille. This will draw attention to them and may even set off an alarm.

The patented two point slam lock that is used on all grilles has a concealed mechanism. It is secure, unobtrusive and easy to operate. Unlike other grilles which required key to close, Crossguards® are slam to shut, making it far more user friendly. It has been proven virtually impossible to breech the lock, extreme physical testing resulting only in severe defamation of the grille.

The CX Plus incorporates an improved Crosslinx® system and anti tamper fixings throughout, as well as a number of new and pioneering features.

Additional security brackets are inserted into the corners of the gille, they are locked in place so that if the fixings are attacked in the corner, the grille is unable to be opened.

The uprights are secured into the top and bottom tracks with innovative swivel fixings. These fixings enable the uprights to pivot on their axis making purchase by an attacker difficult.

A hidden ‘Crosslatch’ within the uprights secures the track, the uprights and the lattice banks altogether to form a more rigid structure.

The aluminium bottom track and self lubricating runners ensure that the CX Plus opens and closes smoothly, while being virtually maintenance free.

A unique limit stay system ensures that the distances between the lattices cannot be more than 125mm each. This ensures that the uprights are evenly spaced and that the grille cannot be stretched.

The Crossguard® CX can be manufactured to any size within the following range:

  • Retractable grille height 750mm-3000mm
  • Fixed grille height 350mm-3000mm
  • Single grille width 220mm-3000mm
  • Fixed grille width 220mm-3000mm
  • Pair of grilles width 350mm-6000mm

rossguard® grilles are finished in an attractive polyester powder coat for durability, and can be painted to any RAL or BS colour in the in-house powder coating plant. For external use they can be zinc plated for weather protection.

Top 10 colours are charged at no extra cost.

• White • Light Grey • Medium Grey • Dark Grey Black • Brown • Cream • Blue • Green • Red